Terms & Conditions

By paying for your order or registering for an account at BossMMO, you need to agree to and comply with the following terms, terms and conditions of use:



The products sold on BossMMO all have the expiry date, as follows:

  • Shelf life "01 year": is calculated as 365 days.
  • Shelf life "Lifetime": used in "lifetime" products. When the product is no longer released by the author or BossMMO, the Distributor, the product is likely to no longer work.

Note: BossMMO reserves the right to change or discontinue the product and discontinue support ahead of time if:

  • The supplier of that product ceases to supply or discontinue selling the product.
  • The supplier of that product has a change in its life cycle and shelf life policy.
  • Or for other reasons related to the product supplier affecting the shelf life or performance of the product.
  • As for the parser, if the website has a structural change resulting in the parser unable to function and no longer fixing it, BossMMO reserves the right to stop support. Because this is an objective and force majeure cause that BossMMO cannot intervene, so we hope that customers sympathize in this case.

This is an impossible case, not set by BossMMO. Therefore, we hope customers sympathize in this case.

Expiry date is the time you are downloaded directly through your account on BossMMO. And is the time limit you will be supported by BossMMO to update each time a new version is available. Out of date of use, the product is still in normal use.


Some products (theme / wordpress plugin) are provided license keys by BossMMO to use, so you need to comply with the following regulations:

  • Do not share or reveal the license key and only use the license key for personal purposes.
  • For all license key installation packages (do not provide the license key directly) will under warranty according to the committed time.
  • No warranty for all cases of providing the license key directly because BossMMO cannot control the use of your license key, so you need to consider carefully before buying and using the license key.


  • For personal use only, with products purchased at BossMMO.
  • Not allowed to buy, resell or share products at BossMMO to ensure the benefit of use for yourself and other customers.
  • Do not share or share accounts to ensure the best customer support possible.
  • For themes and wordpress plugins, BossMMO only provides original documents (if any) in addition No technical support is available. Therefore using the product requires sufficient expertise to use / install / configure. In the event that you are not qualified to use / install / configure (not due to product failure) and need technical support, we would like to charge support fee.


BossMMO reserves the right to change or amend the terms and conditions without prior notice. Any theme / plugin can be removed or replaced at any time according to distribution policy. BossMMO is not responsible to you or any third party in the event of product distribution conditions change.

BossMMO reserves the right to terminate the user account (including deleting / blocking / deactivating the license and all services or products provided) in the event of any violation of any terms and conditions of use. on. Sharing or reselling products on BossMMO (including sharing or selling access to your user accounts and files) is prohibited. So you need to consider your intended use before buying, BossMMO declined to comment / explain when a dispute arises.