Return & Refund Policy


Make a difference in customer care service and fulfill a commitment to bring to the community quality products and attentive after-sales service when using the service at BossMMO.

Support and increase value for customers when using the product here.


  • Target: customers who buy products at BossMMO system
  • Only make changes to a theme or wordpress plugin.
  • Not applicable to gift items.
  • Not applicable to products of VIP MEMBER packages.


  • The product is distributed by BossMMO system.
  • The product cannot function or lacks features due to lack of templates, licenses.
  • Redemption products must be within 7 days from the date the order is completed.
  • BossMMO will support product exchange and refund Only 01 time within 07 days from the date the order is completed.
  • Customers are only allowed to exchange products with a value equal to or less than the purchased product. In case the exchanged product has a smaller value, the difference amount will not be refunded. If customers want to exchange products with a larger value, they will have to pay the difference amount.
  • The redemption value of the product is the order value at the time the customer makes payment. The product is not exchanged for the original value (if the product has been discounted) or the new selling price (if any) at the time of product exchange.
  •  Before requesting a refund, you must contact us and specifically provide the information you encounter, and you need to give us a reasonable time (at least 24 hours from the time we receive it. request for support) to help you fix your problem. In some necessary cases, we may ask you to provide us with an account with access to your website so that we can help you fix the problem. Refunds are only available if the product can't be used and we're unable to help you correct the problem.
  • Refund is only applicable for products with value greater than or equal to 50,000 VND and with domestic bank transfer or paypal (no refund in cash or in person).
  • Bank transfer charges will be charged by the customer. We will subtract the transfer fee directly from the refunded order, a transfer receipt will be provided to the customer to ensure the transparency of the transfer cost.
  • The product's cashback value is the order value at the time the customer makes the payment. No refund for the product at the original value (if the product has been discounted) or the new sale price (if any) at the time of refund.


  • The product is not compatible with the website, server or client environment.
  • The customer makes changes within the source code of the original product.
  • Licensed theme or plugin. Because there is no way for us to revoke the license provided, so we hope that customers sympathize in this case.
  • The provided license is locked, invalid, ... or similar to which it cannot be used. License when delivered is working normally, we cannot control the use of your license later, so Resource Warehouse does not apply warranty, exchange - return or provide new license.
  • Customers do not like to use the product or the product does not meet the customer's requirements due to the reason of not understanding carefully before deciding to buy. When buying any product, we recommend that you do your homework before making a buying decision.